Group Activities

The adventure begins here! At Costanoa we offer your group more than meeting space and guest rooms. We are committed to creating a memorable experience with unique adventures and activities for groups who have never settled for the ordinary. All of our activities are designed to provide your group with the opportunity to surround yourselves in the pristine surroundings around Costanoa to Discover the Pace of Nature. All of the following opportunities can be customized to fit your groups unique needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an activity contact our Sales Manager at 650-879-7312 or

  • Team Building with Adventure Associates

    Costanoa has partnered with our friends at Adventure Associates to provide you with a variety of Team Building Options. If you are looking for a single activity in which everyone in your Team can participate equally we recommend the Orienteering, Pursuit and Jumpstart Programs. Which program is most appropriate for you will be contingent upon your goals and desired outcomes as well as how much time you can dedicate to your program. Team Orienteering is our most popular program for those that want an exclusively outdoor experience and a bit of a workout. Team Pursuit is a more traditional process oriented program that is offered outdoors but can be moved indoors for groups of 40 or less in the case of poor weather conditions. Team Jumpstart is an abridged version of Pursuit for those that simply want to set the tone of adventure and enthusiasm at the onset of their time at Costanoa. All of these programs will be customized to the unique character of your group as well as the level of physical conditioning of your participants. All of our programs are offered in the spirit of "There is no such thing as bad Weather, just inappropriate Clothing!" So participants should pack a separate set of layered clothing for any of our Team Building Programs. Programs can be offered to groups of 10-100 people. Contact of Activities Department at for more details and pricing.

    Team Orienteering Program

    Explore the pristine open space adjacent to Costanoa in this unique and exhilarating Team Event. Orienteering is a high energy outdoor challenge in which participants are broken up into teams and given a series of checkpoints to find using Compass readings, GPS coordinates and Dead Reckoning. The event is customized to character of your group and can be designed to be as inclusive and/ or competitive as you like. All of this takes place on 400 acres of pristine private property with views from the Santa Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This is a 3.5 hour event. Please bear in mind that we run this event rain or shine and the weather at Costanoa can range from foggy to extremely warm . Teams will learn topographical map reading, compass reading and distance pacing to successfully navigate an orienteering course. In order to compete effectively, each person takes on a distinct role, and must work in tandem with the other members in order to locate the hidden control markers.

    Team Orienteering is especially powerful for work groups that must tightly integrate different types of expertise in order to reach their business goals. Some groups choose to swap roles so that participants can practice coaching each other on new skills.


    Increases participants' levels of trust and personal confidence as they depend on each other's newly acquired expertise.

    Requires different kinds of intelligence than those commonly accessed in the workplace; for example, being able to read maps, having a strong sense of direction, understanding spatial relationships.

    Provides a great setting for small teams to practice communication skills like active listening and feedback.
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    Team Pursuit Program

    Imagine being able to tap into the abilities and talents of every team member while practicing and applying team process skills. Teams strategize how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing a series of activities located at a local park or your conference center. This combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges engages everyone.

    Illuminating problem-solving, innovation, shared leadership, communication skills, team planning and time management, Pursuit is a multi-tasking timed event, but it's not a race—we keep the competition "friendly." Action-oriented by design, Pursuit can be built to fit your team's targeted growth areas.


    Encourages camaraderie as a result of successfully solving problems together.
    Requires both big picture decisions and attention to details.
    Engages all learning styles, and respects individual perspectives, abilities and preferences.
    Appeals to those who enjoy a healthy dose of fun and fast-paced competition.
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    Team Jumpstart Program

    Want to kick off your next meeting or retreat? Try Jumpstart. This abbreviated version of Pursuit taps into the skills and talents of every team member by collaborating and competing in a series of mental and physical activities ranging from elaborate problem-solving exercises to light-hearted contests.

    Teams are given instructions and a limited time to determine how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing each challenge. Have fun; learn about your co-workers all the while practicing shared leadership, communication skills and innovative thinking. Jumpstart offers a memorable and robust team building experience even if you have limited time.


    Provides a powerful experience and a break from meetings in a short timeframe.
    Encourages camaraderie as a result of sharing ideas and strategizing together.
    Requires both big picture decisions and attention to details.
    Engages everyone.

    Appeals to those who enjoy a healthy dose of fun and fast-paced competition.
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    Click here to learn more about opportunities with our partners at Adventure Associates


  • Interpretive Nature Hikes
    Costanoa is surrounded by some of California's most beautiful State Park reserves. One of Costanoa's resident naturalists will guide your group on an interpretive walk covering topics like plant and animal life, spring wildflowers, coastal ecology, redwood forest ecology, bird life, and human and natural history. Hikes range from one to four hours, and are offered year round. Consider bringing a catered bag lunch on your adventure. Hike options include the following:

    • Franklin Point
      Three and a half mile meander through wild willow, hooker's primrose, bush lupine, and sandy dunes. Enjoy spectacular views of Pigeon Point and Auevo Island. If the wind is down, this hike offers great potential for whale watching. Take a break at the halfway point to observe passing California Sea Lions as well as the site of the 1864 wreck of the ship Sir John Franklin.
    • Ohlone Ridge
      This is an intermediate level three and a half mile hike through the riparian corridor of Whitehouse Creek and then up through coastal scrub and Douglas Fir eco-systems. The peak of the trail offers sweeping vistas of the reefs and beaches south of Costanoa. This is an excellent option for those who want a little bit more of a workout as well as opportunities to see the local flora and fauna.
    • Upper Vista Point
      For those who really want to get their heart rate up, this eight and a half mile advanced hike features beautiful views with over a 1,300 foot elevation gain. This hike offers ample opportunity to experience a diversity of ecosystems from Coastal Scrub up into the Redwood Rainforests. The final stop offers a stunning view from Pigeon Point to Waddell Creek. We recommend all groups set aside at least 4 hours to tackle this exceptional journey.

    Guided Mountain Bike Adventures
    Mountain Biking is an excellent group activity as it serves as a way to explore our natural surroundings while giving the group a common challenge and unique outdoor experience. Our fleets of Specialized Rockhopper mountain bikes are available for your group for one and a half hour to full day experiences. Tours include guide services, bikes, helmets, water, and safety instruction. Tour opportunities include:

    • Skyline to the Sea Trail
      This is a one of a kind opportunity to explore California's first State Park. Meet your guide at the Waddell Creek trailhead 5 miles south of Costanoa. This is a 12 mile round trip designed for beginning to intermediate riders. Doublewide fire roads meander along Waddell Creek and eventually lead up to the spectacular Berry Creek Falls. Weekend trips can add on a side tour of the Rancho del Oso Nature Center.
    • Gazos Creek Road
      For groups with a limited amount of time but want to see as much as possible and get some exercise as well. Tours start at Costanoa and take the Old Highway 1 to the North where you can take in the windswept views of Franklin Point Beach. Gazos Creek Road then meanders east into a land of towering Redwoods and massive Ferns. Stop and break along the creek bed to cool your feet before the downhill leg back to Costanoa. This intermediate ride takes up to 2 hours. For those who want to add on some mileage we can add a lunch stop in Pescadero and then return to Costanoa via Highway 1 South passing by Historic Pigeon Point Lighthouse on the way.
    • Butano Fire Roads
      For the ambitious and experienced only! Warm up along 7 miles of country backroads before entering Butano State Park. Butano is home to a complex system of hidden fire roads that lead to exhilarating saddlebacks and unparalleled views of the surrounding State Parks. The final drop back into the Redwoods will challenge the most technically advanced riders. This is a half-day event geared for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

    Guided Sea Kayaking
    Explore the marshes and estuaries of the inland Monterey Bay or hit the open ocean with our professional kayak guide. This is a great group experience that also provides you the opportunity to see the incredible diversity of wildlife along the central coast. As Costanoa is situated in such a unique location we can offer Kayak tours year round.

    • Summer
      Summer is a great time to travel south 30 minutes into the lee of Northern Monterey Bay. Here we can easily launch off of the Santa Cruz Municipal Pier into the nearby kelp forests where Sea Otters, Sea Lions and Dolphins await.
    • Fall
      During the Fall we continue to offer tours out of the Santa Cruz Wharf as well as Pescadero Marsh, which sits 11 miles north of Costanoa. Marsh tours offer spectacular bird watching opportunities with common sightings of Blue Herons, Northern Harriers and a variety of Egrets.
    • Winter
      Winter brings more challenging conditions and we base our tours out of the mouth of Elkhorn Slough. Located in the middle of what Steinbeck referred to as the "Fertile Crescent", tours of the Slough are highlighted by sightings of Harbor Seals, Skates, Rays and a wealth of Birdlife.
    • Spring
      For those that are up to the challenge, in the spring we offer open ocean guided kayak whale watching tours out of Davenport Landing. Whales can be seen along the Northern California coast as early as December, but come March and April the kayaking conditions improve and Grey Whale calves hug the coast making for truly spectacular viewing.

    Horseback Riding
    Experience the foothills surrounding Costanoa from the top of one of our World Class Tennessee Walking Horses. Our adventurous rides will take you through the grassland meadows and Pine forests surrounding Costanoa with ample opportunity to experience the famous Tennessee Walker "running walk" and "rocking chair" cantor. We can accommodate rides for complete beginners to advanced lifelong riding enthusiasts. Rides include guide services, safety instruction, and a maximum wrangler to rider ratio of 1:6. Moonlight, Lunch and Full Day rides available upon request.

    Get an early start to your day or book a mid-meeting stretching break with our professional yoga facilitators. Sixty or ninety minute classes as well as customized workshops are available. All classes are designed to the ability level of your group. Yoga classes can be booked in conjunction with naturalist led hikes to get your group relaxed, refreshed and renewed. Outdoor classes also available weather permitting.