Lighthouse Bungalow

View of campground cabin
This unique accommodation is ideal for up to five people. It features 1 queen size bed, 2 bunk beds, and 1 roll away twin bed.

With a view of the iconic Pigeon Point Lighthouse, the rock patio, fire pit & picnic table create the ideal gathering spot to relax after a long day of exploring the trails or the coast.

There are four of these units that border a secluded open space making the site perfect for small group or family up to 20ppl.

*These accommodations share comfort station bathroom facilities. This accommodation can only be booked directly through the hotel. Please call 877-262-7848 for availability and reservations.

Comfort Stations

Comfort StationsComfort Stations are specially designed bathroom facilities that include a central courtyard with fireplace, sauna, heated concrete floors, private indoor and outdoor showers, sinks, flush toilets, and skylights.


The benefits of a good, hot rest in our sauna can be felt immediately. Saunas have been proven to relax the muscles, increase your metabolic rate, detoxify the system, and promote healthy skin. There are a total of six saunas located throughout the property, and are available for use by all guests twenty-four hours a day.