The Spa at Costanoa

Discover the relaxing Pace of Nature with one of Costanoa's Integrative Massages. Supplement any of our therapies with Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue and/or Arnica treatments to help you unwind, revitalize and relieve those aching muscles after that long hike, bike or horseback ride. To reserve a treatment, please call our spa by dialing 650-879-1100 x0.

Local Coastsider's Spa Special

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Enjoy 15% off on all spa services Monday through Thursday.

The Costanoa Integrative Massage

Our classic full body massage blends the long gentle strokes of basic Swedish massage with other modalities such as Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Cranio-Sacral therapies. Shiatsu is a Japanese system of applying pressure with thumbs, palms and elbows to the body's meridian lines resulting in a state of energized balance. Reflexology is based on the philosophy that the hands and feet contain reflex points that affect the entire body and that by applying pressure to these points brings vitality and relaxation to the entire system. Cranio-Sacral therapy works gently on the soft connective tissues that surround the central nervous system, bringing relief while increasing circulation. Relax muscle tension, release stress held in muscle tissue, increase circulation and add moisture to your skin while treating yourself to an experience of serenity.

Couples can enjoy the convenience and intimacy of simultaneous massage in our Duet Massage Room. Couples treatments are available exclusively by appointment only and we suggest making your reservations at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

Deep Tissue

For those who enjoy deeper work, this is the ideal massage. Our therapists are trained in working with those extra tight or sore muscles on a deeper level and really smoothing out knots and kinks.

Aromatherapy Massage

Our classic Swedish massage with a choice of our exclusively formulated blends to help balance your body, mind and spirit. Oils of the highest quality are applied to the skin (our largest organ of absorption). They then enter the bloodstream to balance, energize and soothe. Warm towels are used to help open the pores and aid absorption of the oils.

Arnica Massage

When the muscles are sore and aching, before or after any strenuous activity, ARNICA has been a valuable herbal treatment to relieve muscle pain and soreness. The most potent and pure Arnica Oil from Dr. Hauschka will be used during this session that can be tailored to address your current areas of concern or just to prevent soreness before a day of fun and physical activity.

Dry Brush Massage

This simple yet powerful exfoliating treatment removes layers of dead skin and opens the pores to revitalize the skin and increase its capacity to eliminate toxins. Dry Brush Massage increases blood circulation throughout the body, while contributing to improved muscle tone and heightened sense of well-being. Take your natural bristle with you and continue this therapy at home.

Scalp Massage

Warm Scalp Oil, Pure Aloe Vera and Rosemary Mint Conditioner are massaged into the scalp to balance and restore the hair's natural vitality and shine. This nurturing treatment includes a brief neck and shoulder massage. We can also offer this as a Dry Scalp Massage that is still highly stimulating to the hair follicles and cranial tissues, but without the use of oils.

The Costanoa Sampler

The ultimate in pampering treatments includes the Dry Brush Massage, Aromatherapy Blanket Wrap and Scalp Massage all in one. We recommend this treatment to be followed by a brief trip to the Hot Tub and then possibly an Integrative Massage for total and complete bliss.

Costanoa Spa Guidelines and Suggestions

Before your session we recommend a soak in our Lodge Hot Tub and please avoid heavy meals, stimulants such as caffeine or alcohol and any intoxicating substances. After your session drink plenty of water and relax in some comfortable clothes. If possible give yourself some time to rest, integrate and enjoy the benefits of your session.

We recommend making appointments at least two weeks in advance as the schedule fills quickly and appointments are subject to a 72 hour cancellation policy and will be billed in full. Spa services can be billed directly to your room and treatment rates do not include gratuity.

To reserve a treatment, please call our Spa by dialing 650-879-1100 x0.

Coastal Day Spa Special 

Enjoy our empty trails and relaxing Massage Services & top it off with a meal at Cascade Restaurant. $160 Package Includes two 50 minute Integrative Massages, day use of our outdoor hot-tub overlooking the beautiful Ohlone Ridge and Whitehouse Creek. Includes a 2 for 1 entrees in Cascade Restaurant valid for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. Mid week Lodge King for an additional $159.

The Day Spa special is available Monday through Thursday only. Reservations required, 72 hour cancellation notice required. May not be used in conjunction with other specials. Special is not available on Holidays. Cascade Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.